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Harris Bay - A commission to include a sunset and a couple under an umbrella.

Read more about my commission process, and if you are interested in a commission order, please fill out the form to get your commission project started.

If you would like to see some of the previous commissions, just click here to see the gallery.

The Commission Process

SIZE - Oil Paintings

All my commission pieces are oil on stretched canvas where the painting wraps around the sides.  All you need to do is choose the size of canvas. Currently I am only accepting commissions 30cm x 40cm or larger.  If you are struggling to decide I am more than happy to help you.


We take commissions for Charcuterie Boards and Coasters, so if there is a colour combination that you have in mind, and/or text to add to either the coasters or boards, then we can accommodate that.  Please indicate in the form below your requirements.  Our coasters come in one size, 4 inches in either circle or square.  Our Charcuterie Boards come in a variety of sizes, but classed in either small, medium or large.  Small is 25cm and under, medium is 35cm and under, and large is 50cm and above.  Both are finished with a food safe, heatproof resin.


Inspiration can be anything from a photo that you may have, to an idea based on other artworks you have seen, colours from mood boards or something similar to my previous paintings.  The more inspiration the better, even Pinterest boards can provide inspiration!


Once you have sent me your inspiration, I provide you with 3 sketches in watercolour of the overall idea, just to make sure we are on the same page.  Once you are agreed on the idea, I then get to work on the oil which typically takes between 4 to 10 weeks dependant on the size, to complete. I do like to keep you abreast of progress, with weekly updates and photos on how the piece is coming along.


Prices for my commissions start at £750 for oil paintings.  My commission pieces are more expensive than my ready to buy paintings due to the hours put into making sure that we have a cohesive piece.  I ask for a 20% deposit prior to any works being carried out on your piece, with the remaining balance due plus shipping prior to delivery.  For Charcuterie Boards we need to know your specific requirements.  Once we know what you want, we can contact you with a price. For a set of coasters (4) we charge £25.  For a set of 6 we charge £30

Request Form

To get started on your custom piece, please fill out the form below.

Only serious enquiries please.

Thanks for submitting!

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