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Commission undertaken where the brief was a sunset using 24K Goldleaf and included a couple under an umbrella.

Commission Gallery

I get commission enquiries for all sorts of reasons, from a gift idea to an interior décor solution!   As one of my clients told me, commissioning a piece creates a special bond with the artwork. I truly believe that to be the case, which is why I put all my heart and soul in creating them.

I have also had quite an array of commission pieces that I have painted, from house portraits to special places.  Quite a few have had tears on seeing their finished pieces.

Below is a collection of some of the pieces painted over the last couple of years.

House Portrait

Commissioned by a son for his parents who were moving from the family home. A reminder of the home they became parents in. Many happy memories!

Dove Waters

Commissioned for a house move by a friend. This was her favourite place.

Sunset over Aberdeen Coastline

This was also commissioned twice. Seen on social media after being commissioned once, I then had to replicate it with some tweaks for the second order.

Callander Cross

Commissioned TWICE! The first commission was ordered by a young girl for her boyfriend. Callander Cross is one of their walks in Scotland. The second commission was by a gentleman who saw the piece on social media, and ordered one exactly like it.


Commissioned for an interior design project. The brief was red and grey, but in a Vetriano style.

Doherty's Keep

A Christmas present for a lady who had lost her husband to cancer. This was commissioned by her daughter, the late husbands home town and special place.

Harris Cove

A 200cm by 100cm piece, featuring 24K Goldleaf. The brief was a seascape with a couple under an umbrella to match a theme in grey/blue and mustard colours.

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