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Frequently Asked Questions

Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

With every sale of either prints, original artworks, workshops or commissions, my main goal is your satisfaction in your purchase.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with any purchase or service, please do contact me directly either by email at or you can contact me via mobile on 07540 688720.  

When considering the purchase of an original piece or print, do double check colours on more than one device as colours can vary.  Double check the dimensions on every piece.  When photographing artwork I use a High definition camera to catch the best image possible, but colour variations can occur on devices.

Can I reproduce the artwork that I purchased?

Simple answer is no.  You may have purchased the piece, but as the creator I own the rights to the artwork.  If you require ownership of the rights to a piece, please contact me directly for more information.  There is an additional charge for this.

Will you reproduce the original piece that I purchased?

Unless there are already prints available for the piece, I would never reproduce the original.  There maybe pieces that look similar, for instance I use goldleaf in many of my pieces with grey and yellow, but I would not plan to reproduce a piece intentionally.

Do you take Commission Enquiries?

Yes I take commission enquiries.  If you wish to contact me directly, please do.  I do not paint smaller than 30cm by 40cm.  Please take a look at my Commissions page for more information.

Can I visit your studio to see a piece in person?

The answer is yes, but by appointment only.  Please contact me directly.

The Art Cabin

Can my child attend an adult workshops?

The adult workshops are for ages 16 and above. We have an after school art club for children aged between 6 and 15 that you can book into, 'Making Your Mark' Children's Art Club.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Although we run art classes for children during the holidays and term time, we are not a childcare facility and as such do not accept childcare vouchers.

Are you Registered with any childcare authorities such as Ofsted?

As an activity based out of school club, we are exempt from registering with Ofsted.  We do however have Enhanced DBS checks in place for our tutor.  We are also under the 'Out of School Alliance' who provide up to date training and advice for activity based out of school clubs.  

Do you have safeguard training?

As an activity based club, we are exempt from safeguard training.  However, our tutor has been through safeguard training and understands the duty of care to all children that pass through the club and has a basic understanding of that duty of care.

What happens if I book into a workshop but then cannot make it?  Will I get a refund?

If you have booked into a workshop for either your children or yourself and have to cancel within 14 days of the date of the workshop, we cannot issue a refund or transfer you to another class as all the materials have been purchased for your place.  If you need to cancel before that point we can issue a voucher for you to transfer to another class or issue a part refund of 80%  minus fees if you paid through paypal.   

I would love to attend a course that is running but cannot afford to pay the full amount up front.  Can I pay in instalments or part payment?

Yes you can.  Please contact us directly with reference to the course you would like to join and we can put a payment plan in place for you.  There is no additional fee to do so.

I have mobility issues, is your studio suitable?

If you have mobility issues, please contact us before hand.  We do have a flight of steps that lead down to the studio which can cause issues if you find steps hard to navigate.

Are there toilet facilities at the studio?

Yes we do have toilet facilities, but as this is a residential home, we escort you to the kitchen where there is a downstairs cloakroom.

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