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The Art of Business in this Business called Art

The Art of business is an art indeed, and for creatives like me, it can be a real tricky one! Some have a knack for it whilst others have got their heads so far up in the clouds all they are seeing is the stars which is no earthly good! So we have to learn this thing, and that can take time. I heard a great quote the other day....

"Don't mistake lack of momentum in your building phase as failure".

It's not failure, it's called investing time into your business whether that is building your website, building an e-commerce site to sell your paintings, building your social media platform, getting those different income streams ready...... Whatever it is, YOU NEED TO GET THIS SORTED.

As creatives, we tend to suffer from the same things. We get super buzzed at new ideas, go at it without much thought or planning, and then a few weeks down the line wonder why it's not working, get super discouraged and then feel like a complete failure, get depressed for a while then we pick ourselves up from the floor, shake off the dust and start with another new idea!! And the circle of life continues! You know that other great saying......definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Yup.

Answer? Thank God there is an answer, but that answer takes commitment, time, energy, money, wise people to surround yourself with, bravery and boldness and lots and lots of coffee!! The great thing is, YOU CAN DO THIS! And although there does seem to be a pattern of what works in our world, one size does not fit all! So it's taking the advice, sitting down and looking at the options, what's viable, what isn't. You will have a pattern of what works for you, and sometimes it takes a little trial and error, and hey if it doesn't work, you tried it, move on!


And so to end this blog, if there is one thing I want you to do today, an actionable challenge, it is this. I want you to say to someone, to make a public statement, maybe even on social media, that YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR, and YOU CAN DO THIS. Confidence gets knocked a lot in the realm of the artist, and it can be so hard to pull ourselves together and start again. So your challenge today is to stand tall, chest out, and tell yourself you can do this!

We can make this thing called the art of business in the business called art work!



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