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  • Lizzy


    'Lizzy' is the launch piece to the Jane Austen collection.  She is one of the principle characters from Pride and Prejudice and this piece is inspired by her. She is 4 seasons in one day, opinionated, carefree, graceful and whitty.  Like the grasses, she does not bend to the opinion of others, yet open to change and not daunted by challenge.  


    Lizzy is an original oil with 24K Goldleaf depicting the start of a beautiful sunset with the passing of storm clouds, tomorrow is going to be glorious!



    • Size and details

      Lizzy is an original oil on stretched canvas, unframed and painted around the edges.  She measures 600mm x 600mm x 40mm and is ready to hang.

    • Prints

      Lizzy is also available as a print, measuring 10" x 10".  For more details please go through to the print shop.

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