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Misty Forest
  • Misty Forest


    Experience the tranquil beauty of the Misty Forest with this breathtaking original oil painting entitled 'Misty Woods'. Expertly crafted on a stretched canvas, the painting captures the essence of the forest with its serene misty atmosphere and rich, earthy colors. Every stroke of the brush brings to life the trees, foliage, and mist, creating a stunning masterpiece that will transform any space. Hang this painting in your home or office to enjoy a calming escape to nature. A must-have for art collectors and nature enthusiasts alike.


    For the option to buy a Giclee print, please follow this link:  

    Giclee Print Option.

    • Size

      This piece measure 45cm x 30cm and comes in a dark wood floater frame.  Overall measurement is 50cm x 35cm.

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