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Break through the Clouds
  • Break through the Clouds


    'Break through the Clouds' as with all my Atmospheric Skies collection, was painted during the pandemic. It is a painting depicting the sun breaking through and casting its reflection on the sea.


     I love a good storm!  I love to watch the clouds darken, listen for the thunder and the wind and squally showers, the anticipation of a good thunder storm which we can afford to feel in the temperate UK climate.  However, the pandemic was a storm I would've rather not experienced.  


    Break through the clouds is a significant painting, depicting those moments during the worry and the bad news, of a community coming together, of meeting people digitally for the first time and friendships being formed over the internet and whatsapp.  Moments of joy and friendship, moments out walking in our beautiful countryside, moments talking to family on the phone and neighbours across the street.  We began to value humanity whilst in lockdown.  Break in the clouds signifies all those moments for me.

    • Size and details

      Size of this painting is  52.5cm x 42cm x 3cm and is oil and silver leaf on wooden board inset into a black floater frame.  Dimensions are in frame.  Can be reframed is desired (additional cost).

      Painting is an original oil on wooden board with a certain amount texture to it.  

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