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Storm on the Waters
  • Storm on the Waters


    Storm on the Waters - Whatever goes on in the sky, is reflected on the waters.  Water seems to have a life of its own, dramatic, serene, chaotic, peaceful, yet its driven by forces we cannot see, it's colour and hue just a reflection of its environment.  Lives can be the same, a reaction to what is going on around us.  During the pandemic, I realised that I can either react and reflect the stress and worry, or I could create my own energy, my own environment that was healthier, peaceful, even joyful at times and invite people into my world.  Being an environment changer is totally possible.  You just got to choose which one you will be.....a reflector or a changer.

    • Size and details

      This piece is an original oil on canvas board and measures in a black floater frame 52.5cm x 42cm x 3cm.  This piece can be reframed if wished (additional cost if you wish us to reframe for you).

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